Dynamic Strides Therapy

Dynamic Strides Therapy (DST) is the one place where children with special needs can experience the therapeutic benefits of equine movement, a unique sensory gym and the compassionate support of skilled, certified therapists.

DST is dedicated to one goal: delivering transformational outcomes for every child.

Child and Family

For the child and family, DST offers appropriate and specific therapy that can ultimately lead to life-changing results. Our down-to-earth therapists use hippotherapy, the sensory gym and the therapy clinic’s resources seamlessly to achieve extraordinary results.


In rhythm with the horse, hippotherapy provides a child with a sense of connection; they can gain new self-confidence and experience various functional benefits. 

Sensory Gym

In our sensory gym, kids can address sensory processing, as well as physical and cognitive skills in a stress-free environment to help them reach their full potential.

Opening Doors

DST opens doors, literally and figuratively. Over time, the total experience is transformational, benefitting both child and family.


Empowering children to achieve their maximum potential by providing accessibility to skilled therapy services in an integrated environment.


We envision a world where specialized pediatric therapy provides – For every child, a life changed. For every family, hope.

Core Values


We are committed to changing the lives of our patients.


With every child’s best interest in mind, we will find a way to support his or her needs, every step of the way.


 We have a sincere desire to help our patients reach their maximum potential.


Our service-oriented team is driven by a passion to provide the best quality care.


We will always do the right thing for our patients and our community.


We integrate clinical expertise with scientific evidence to provide high quality services.


We include and empower the patient’s family regarding decisions involving the child.


We are committed to educating our therapists, our patients, families and our community.

Our DST Team

Meet Our Board of Directors

Meet Our Extraordinary Horses


Johnny Cash

Johnny Cash, the pony in black, joined our team of therapy horses In December 2017. He is a cute little guy, and is very friendly and curious about everything that is going on at Dynamic Strides Therapy! Johnny has willingly done everything we have asked in his training sessions. He is the youngest member of our therapy horse team, and we look forward to many years of working with Johnny to help our young patients meet their therapy goals!


Lil Max

Max, who came to us from a therapeutic riding program in Texas, is one of the sweetest, most tolerant ponies you will ever meet. He is one of the older ponies, and doesn’t get overly excited or worked up about anything. Laid-back Lil Max is a great babysitter for young children who have never been around a horse.



Pete the pony has provided lots of joyful rides at Dynamic Strides. He was Dynamic Strides’ first pony, performing in our program from day one! Pete is the perfect size for our younger riders.



Sweet little Peaches joined our program in the summer of 2017.  She loves everyone she meets, and we just know our kids will love her too!!  She is the perfect size for small and medium sized riders.



Freckles is a sweet-natured POA (Pony of the Americas) who is willing to do just about anything we ask. He’s been a therapy pony with Dynamic Strides for many years. The kids get a real kick out of riding him and rewarding him with treats.



CoCo is a little brown-and-white Paint─but don’t tell him he’s little. He has tons of spunk and loves his riders.



This beautiful 11year-old gelding is a joy to work with, and a joy to look at.  He was donated to Dynamic Strides Therapy in the spring of 2017 in memory of a special child.

We Couldn’t Have Said It Better Ourselves

  • Dynamic Strides Therapy has an amazing way of disguising therapy as fun! We have had the therapy there for years ands absolutely LOVE it!! All of the staff and volunteers are so kind and genuinely care about every single child they serve! Dynamic Strides Therapy makes you feel like family, and I couldn't imagine going any other place!

    Tiffany Eggleston Parent
  • I've volunteered at Dynamic Strides Therapy Riding for about six years. In that length of time I've seen some amazing things. Children gain strength in their core to be able to sit up better and hold their head up better & longer. Children gain balance. Some even speak more. The results are invaluable.

    Jackie Gilkey Volunteer
  • My business partner and I were given the opportunity to observe the people at Dynamic Strides Therapy conduct a hippotherapy session with a patient. I will never forget it.  I saw a young boy begin with great reluctance and assumed the session would end with everyone feeling exasperated and disappointed. Yet by the end of the session - thanks to the DST team's incredible patience and expertise - the young boy embraced the opportunity and he was beaming. His mother was kind enough to initiate a conversation and share the ways her son and family have benefited from hippotherapy. For me as an observer, it was an emotional and singular experience.

    John Mack Partner at Brandigm, Corporate donor

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Where We Started, Where We Stand

You have to trot before you gallop. Dynamic Strides Therapy began as Dynamic Strides Therapeutic Riding and Hippotherapy. The organization opened its doors for business in early 2010. The organization was founded by Marge Cheesman, with the dedication and support of family and friends.

The original entity, like today, was based on the belief that no one should be denied access to therapy because of an inability to pay. This mission was immediately embraced by many generous companies, groups and individuals who donated their time as board members, therapists or volunteers. Others donated horses and equipment or financially supported our cause.

Our first hippotherapy sessions were held in the summer of 2010, with five riders. Therapy was provided by licensed therapists, specially trained by the American Hippotherapy Association. Each year the number of children requesting therapy grew. Therapists observed consistent improvements toward therapy goals when hippotherapy was utilized as a treatment strategy. These outstanding gains were accomplished despite Dynamic Strides being limited to treating children only 1-2 days per week for 8-week sessions. Inclement weather prohibited sessions from being held during most summer and winter months. When hippotherapy stopped due to these climate issues, we saw a regression in strength and loss of the progress our clients had made toward each of their goals.

Now, by expanding Dynamic Strides Therapy into a comprehensive pediatric therapy facility, we will provide therapy year-round in an exciting and comfortable environment.

The children can experience uninterrupted progress toward their therapy goals. We are both proud and excited to continue the founding mission of Dynamic Strides, bolstered by the scholarship fund established to assist families with life-changing therapy for their children.

Make a Dynamic Contribution

A donation today can transform a child’s life. Your contribution will go directly toward improving facilities and equipment, caring for our beloved horses and enhancing the quality of care we provide for our patients.