Jack McReynoldsVolunteer Facility Manager

    Jack is a long time Greene County resident, and has resided in the area for his entire life. He has three adult children and several grandkids, his daughter, living right here in Republic. In addition to his two legged family, he also has Molly and Pepper, his two trusty dogs. Jack was first introduced to Dynamic Strides in 2017 and has been a full time volunteer since. Jack lives on site, to keep an eye on the herd at all times. 

    Jack grew up, realizing his love of horses when his grandfather introduced him as a young boy. Later in life, Jack worked as a trainer at the Sundance Ranch, that specialized in miniature horses. Throughout life, Jack continued to work at several Ranches and gained more and more Equine knowledge, which has led him to his position today with DST. Some of his duties but of course we couldn’t name them all, is the daily care of the heard. In addition to feeding every morning and evening with some assistance from some other volunteers, he is in charge of administering daily meds, feeding schedules, grooming and tacking horses and getting them ready for Hippotherapy and always lends a extra hand when we need a horse handler or sidewalk. Of course, all of the things that some of us break, he fixes for us as well!!!

    Jack is a man of few words, but his dedication to the organization is unparalleled. He is the heart and soul of the Barn and treats the horse and ponies like family. Although he wouldn’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings, it is easy to see Miss Peaches has his heart and could possibly be his favorite, although he will say they are all his other children! When asked what his favorite thing about DST is, his answer is “everything”.