Brandi O’Reilly, DPTFounder and Board President

Brandi began volunteering at Dynamic Strides Riding in 2011 and was amazed by the positive impact a child could experience from therapy on a horse. Brandi was first exposed to pediatric physical therapy as a child herself and instantly fell in love with the process and changes that it makes in the lives of children. Brandi and Marge Cheesman dreamed for years about expanding Dynamic Strides into an all-encompassing full pediatric clinic like Dynamic Strides Therapy is today. This is also thanks, in part, to her husband, Ryan, who played a major role in making her dreams possible. In the future, Brandi foresees this new facility being a place for all kids in the Springfield area to get the vital therapy they need.

Born and raised in Springfield, Missouri, Brandi O’Reilly earned a degree in cell and molecular biology from Missouri State University (MSU) in 2005. She went on to receive her Doctorate in Physical Therapy from MSU in 2008, began practicing physical therapy that same year and spent 8 years working within the primary and secondary school systems. When not dreaming about Dynamic Strides Therapy, Brandi enjoys being with her husband and three children and traveling the world together.