Our Horses

Meet The Extraordinary Horses of DST



Beth was bound for slaughter, being kept in a mud lot with no access to food, water, or shelter. Part of our “Ponies with Purpose” mission is to give life and purpose to horses that are no longer able to do the job they once did. While Beth’s care has been more extensive than our other program horses, we are dedicated to giving her all the love and care she deserves. When she is ready, she will repay us ten-fold by joining our herd providing life changing therapy to the children we serve.

Our handsome horse, Bill, wearing a cowboy hat.


A true cowboy, Bill once carried the U.S flag at Cheyenne Frontier Days rodeo. These days, his role is equally important. As a one-eyed horse, Bill shows kids that even with differences, you can always do great things!



The smallest and spunkiest of the Dynamic Strides herd, at 26 years old, Freckles is our most reliable and utilized pony. The last of the original crew, Freckles has an opinion on everything and isn’t afraid to share it!



You can’t find much sweeter than Linley! Her calm, steady demeanor quickly made her a favorite. She loves her people too, often dropping her head to share a special moment with her riders at the end of their session.



A former show horse, Oreo is now enjoying a slower pace of life participating in therapy sessions as well as teaching our more advanced riders through our Carrot Club program.  As sweet as his name implies, he loves visiting with all our patients at the fence……and getting all the treats!



A vital part of the herd since 2017, Peaches holds a special role at our facility: our unicorn! From birthday parties to therapy sessions, Peaches holds a special place in our hearts for her remarkable kindness and patience.



A former trail horse from Branson, MO, Scotch joined the DST herd in 2021. Naturally clever and curious, he has been known to pick up cones in his mouth and move them during therapy sessions. His playful personality keeps us on our toes and might just steal your heart!



Originally from Mexico, X-ey was donated to DST in 2020. Affectionately referred to as the “love seat” of DST, X-ey’s broad back provides additional support for our patients needing extra stability.

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